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The Tale of the VooDoo dolls….

In the 2018 Season, EPRD had two home teams: Beast Mode and Hooligans. Hoolie and Beastie also joined our league that year, under the protection of Beast Mode Captain, D’Vious Dame, and Hooligans captain, Derby’s Lil Monster. Quickly, the two voodoo dolls found themselves continually being kidnapped from practice and being sent on adventures (and tortures) by the opposite team. Later that year Crash joined us with the addition of the Crash Test Dollies
. The following year Bliss ushered in Derby Bliss Brigade.

To this day it is still the responsibility of the captains and the team to keep their doll safe from marauding from the other teams. And it is the rest of our responsibilities to steal them and hold them hostage. 

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